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Sterilization autoclave



  • Sterilization mixed system (steam, cascade or water showers with or without overpressure) that allows sterilizing all types of products and packaging (metal, glass, bags…)
  • Work system with process parameterisation, optimising its duration and maintenance of the product organoleptic properties.
  • Made in AISI-316 and 304 stainless steel in accordance with the international main codes for design, meeting the highest international applicable standard in force.




Consumption and production for theoretical and variable values are detailed in this example depending on the sterilization time and type of recipe and on the product to sterilize.


Ejemplo de cocedor 2
1) Estimated ideal theoretical value.
2) Remaining water in the steriliser. Tacore recommends its renewal once per working day.
3) The cooling time is an ideal theoretical value, flow function and temperature of cooling water from the refrigeration tower. The real working time will be reduced by other factors such as the factory installation, working mode and performance of the refrigeration tower.


  • After entering the baskets with product and closing the doors, the assigned operator selects the recipe that has been pre-set in an automatic system for the product entered.
  • This system allows to start the process after verifying all safeties that have been pre-set to ensure the autoclave integrity.
  • The automatic system integrates all the process stages such as lifting, heating, process and cooling.
  • These stages are controlled and registered through our programmed automation, receiving and sending data to the autoclave probes and controllers.
  • The operator is informed on all data in real time, which facilitates the control of several autoclaves at the same time.


  • Distribution of water through plates that, together with the high recirculation flow, homogenise and maximise the heat transfer reducing the process times.
  • Environmentally friendly thanks to the reduced quantity of water used throughout the process.
  • Construcciónrobusta de bajo mantenimiento.
  • Completely automatic loading and unloading sterilization systems.
  • Tripled safety: Three independent protection systems provide this machine with a completely safe work, even with low maintenance.
  • Simultaneous video record independent of the computer that ensures production traceability and further statistics, meeting standard FDA-CFR21.
  • Automatic closing and opening of the door hydraulic system by turning the floating ring, which ensures perfect contact with the flexible joint.
  • Insertion and removal of carriages by means of internal transport of carriages with product in automatic mode.
  • Selection of the recipe specifically established by the process authority for the food related to: type of thermal treatment, its formulation, preparation, size and type of packaging.
  • The software manages the information of the installed probes, ensuring inspection of the thermal process, integrity of packaging and commercial sterilization.


  • Independent general board with automation and control of variations on PC monitor
  • Monitoring and remote control:
  • We provide fast and safe access to our machines and plants, which simplifies remote maintenance and allows for efficient management of the production centres and users.
  • Service is based on an online secure platform that ensures compatibility between different computer systems for remote connection.


  • Data acquisition, automatic processing, report and statistics generation, parametric graphs, process monitoring in real time.
  • File with 120 recipes that are parametrizable by the customer, with different operation modes adapted to any product or packaging.
  • Integration of up to 8 machines in the same control system for fast man-machine communication.
  • The machine is delivered with heat distribution tests carried out with E-VA PRO equipment with validation through VALSUITE PRO software, ELLAB brand, developed according to GAMP and meeting the requirements of FDA and other regulatory bodies.


Different types of carriages for sterilization depending on the product


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